Red-eyed tree frog

Size: 5-8cm

Weight: 10-15g

Collective Noun: Army, Colony, Knot

Where they’re from: Southern Mexico, Central America & Northern South America

Diet: A variety of insects


  • Red Eyed Tree Frogs are nocturnal animals! (They​'re active during the night)

  • They eat a number of things, including moths, grasshoppers, flies and crickets. 

  • They are ambush predators and sneak up on their prey to catch it.

  • Their predators are snakes, spiders, toucans, bats and owls.

  • They are about the size of a teacup!

  • They spend the daytime hiding under leaves and keeping their eyes closed and markings covered so they can't be seen.

  • In nature, if you have outstanding colours, you're usually venomous, because it shows that you don't need to hide as you have weapons to defend yourself. However, despite the red-eyed tree frog's beautiful colourful markings, they are not venomous.