Our planet is amazing!! However, we humans are quickly destroying it - from taking all its resources to damaging its amazing wildlife and environment, our world is quickly becoming a massive rubbish dump.

The Toilet Paper Challenge

See if you can go through a whole week using just ONE roll of toilet paper!!


Evidently, we understand this may be near-impossible if you have a lot of people in your household! If this is you, see how often you go through a toilet roll and try and beat your "record"!


The Plastic Bag Challenge

Challenge yourself to go without plastic bags for a whole week! This will turn out to be a LOT harder than you expected - we have incorporated plastic to be part of our daily lives way more than you realise!


The Supermarket challenge

Definitely more of our harder challenges, the Supermarket Challenge includes you trying to go to the supermarket without buying anything with plastic in it! This doesn't need to be for a week, just when you go for your weekly shop!

If you go to any supermarket nowadays, chances are that you will see plastic pretty much EVERYWHERE. So this challenge is definitely very hard!