Privacy Policy

Last updated 07.12.18

Like you, we take privacy seriously. We do not take advantage of the information you give us, and we want to make sure you know 100% of what we do! 


We don't use cookies. We aren't a super developed website or anything - we are a very small organisation and we have no reason to use them! We do, as you may have noticed, have a counter at the bottom of our pages and the top of our MPP page, that shows how many people visit our site. This just means it takes note of if you visit it, adds a number to the counter, and leaves it at that! We also use an app called Visitor Analytics, which helps us know how many people we are reaching, and where, especially for our Marine Plastic Problem project, which is all about raising awareness. However, Visitor Analytics itself uses cookies - you can view their policies here.

If you subscribe to us, we don't spam. If you want to unsubscribe, you can do it easily by sending us an email and letting us know! We'll unsubscribe you straight away and you won't hear from us ever again!



If you subscribe to our e-magazine, our blog, or anything on our site, we will DEFINITELY NOT sell or give away your information to ANYONE. Our petitions are on change.org - you can view their privacy policies here.