• Spots, Stripes & Paws

Earth Day 2018!

The Earth is our home! We need to look after it before it’s all gone - every second millions of pieces of plastic are being dumped in landfills, or, even worse, our beautiful ocean, where they wait for the next hundred or so years. For Earth Day 2018 (22nd April), Stripes, with some help from her sister and grandma, picked up rubbish around her local bike track. “It was disgusting,” says Stripes. “The more you look the more you find! We filled about THREE bags full to the brim with all sorts of plastic and rubbish. It’s terrible how much people throw away!”. Treat every day like Earth Day and care for our amazing environment. Everytime you see some kind of litter on the ground, pick it up straight away - and that's not the only thing you can do. Just remember - even teeny things make a difference!