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The Story of SSP!

Hello! Welcome to our brand new website!! We are Spots, Stripes & Paws, (or SSP for short) and if you've never heard of us before, well... we are a very small organisation, made up of just TWO and a half people!! We say and a half because our very best friend, Paws, works on it a bit but she is quite busy at the moment and can't work on it. (If you want to find out more about us check out the home page and scroll down until you find the "About Us" section). We love animals, the environment, and super silly facts and we hope you love those too! If you do, you've found your dream website!! Subscribe and receive your weekly dose of awesomeness!

We started up in early 2018, which, yeah, isn't very long ago, but we have come a VERY LONG way since then.

You're probably wondering what in the world we do anyway. Well, Spots, Stripes & Paws started off as a very small project that was supposed to raise money for conservation, and to have fun at the same time. We decided to make a magazine, called The Spots, Stripes & Paws magazine. It would be all about animals and the environment, and have silly facts, and all the money we raised from it would go to a conservation programme. We had almost completely finished our 30 page magazine when we started to encounter heaps of obstacles, such as fundraising costs and whether anybody would even look at the magazine, let alone buy it. After a LOT of work and brainstorming, we came up with our Plan of Attack!!

Our plan was to print out a few copies of the magazine and sell it around. After that we would go digital, to help the environment by not using paper. So here is our digital magazine! Every fortnight or month or a few months (depending on how much time we have) we send out a mini e-magazine - for 100% free!!

That's us for now!!

Spots, Stripes & Paws xxx

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