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Spread the Word For Us!!

Hi everyone!

As you may know already, we have set up our Givealittle page!! We would love it if you could donate to our page, but if you can't, maybe you could spread the word for us! We've made it super easy for you - just copy and paste the words below onto your social media or to your friends! You can get rid of the part where it says "I think it's a good cause" and replace it with your own words if you want!

Thanks so much,


The Spots, Stripes & Paws magazine is a magazine all about animals and the environment. All of the money goes to the amazing animal and environment charity, the World Wildlife Fund. (wwf.org). However, they need money to print and sell them - please help them out by donating to their Givealittle page (https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/spots-stripes-and-paws-magazine?_ga=2.48066535.1980958817.1528431427-1527007452.1527025105#). Anything helps, even if it's really small! They would be so grateful and I think that's it's a good cause! Thanks so much!