• Spots, Stripes & Paws

YAYYYYY!!! We made it!!!

We are so, so excited to announce that we have reached our goal on Givealittle - more than that, actually!! Thanks to our amazing donors, we have been donated $1060!! That gives us more than enough money to print our magazines and get a domain name for our website!!

Thank you so much to everybody who supported us, whether by donation, words of encouragement, or spreading our message. We are so excited to continue on with our journey to making a difference - thanks to all of you!! We can't believe we have made it so far! We are closing our Givealittle page but we wanted to make sure we took the time to thank everyone because somehow we made it PAST our goal!! We can't believe how amazing and generous everyone is and we can't wait to continue on with our SSP magazine!

Stay posted for more updates!!

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