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Giraffes need help!

Giraffes are famous throughout the world for their long necks and spotty pattern. However, I realised from watching a David Attenborough documentary (David Attenborough's Giraffes: Africa's Gentle Giants) in the weekend, that not a lot is known about them, and believe it or not, they are actually endangered!

The magnificent giraffe is well known throughout the world thanks to their long neck and staggering height - males can be up to SIX METRES TALL!! Unsurprisingly, they are the world's tallest living land animal and are herbivores so they only eat plants. Their black tongues can reach up to a length of 53 centimetres! They eat up to 45kg a day, yet they rarely have to drink as they get most of their water from the leaves of the trees they eat (which vary, but they tend to like acacia trees the best). Giraffes live to about 25 years in the wild, and a tower of giraffes (yes, that's what they're called!) is usually comprised of a small family group, with a bull (male), some females and calves.

However, not many people know that giraffes are in grave danger and are threatened with extinction. There are thought to be less that 80,000 in the wild.

Scarily, giraffe numbers have dropped by almost 40% in just the last 30 years. It is now listed as Endangered on the IUCN red list, which is extremely surprising - I bet you too have never thought about the fact that giraffes need help - and fast. This is totally unfair for such a beautiful animal, and we need to do something about it.

The biggest challenges giraffe face include habitat destruction and loss, and being killed for their meat. Giraffes have already become extinct in more than five countries, which is really, really sad. This shouldn't happen. This should never happen. No animal should ever have to go extinct, but the giraffe is facing a fate similar to the dodo.

Can you imagine a world without giraffes? I can't either.

And now for the good news. Yes, there is good news, don't worry!

Despite all the threats giraffes face, and potential extinction, in some places, giraffe populations have been increasing! According to GCF, (Giraffe Conservation Foundation, the only non-profit giraffe organisation in the world), Namibia's giraffe population is healthy and increasing, which is awesome.

Do you want to make a difference too for giraffes? Head over to GCF's website to donate or 'adopt a giraffe' to help support their work to save and learn about this amazing, beautiful creature...before it's too late. We do not want to live in a world without giraffes.

Giraffe Conservation Foundation - Click me

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