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Magazine Update: Crofton Downs Matsuri!

Today Stripes sold the Spots, Stripes & Paws magazine at Crofton Downs Primary's Matsuri Gala!

"It was super fun, but REALLY hot," Stripes explains. "There was heaps and heaps of amazing stalls! We set up at the Eco Store, next to the Bee Friendly stall and the Lucky Dip & Lolly Necklaces."

After a bit of confusion at how to start, Stripes started to approach people and ask if they would like to buy a magazine.

"I eventually got a bit more confident! It was a bit strange at first to just go up to people. Once I got the hang of it, I found that heaps of people would buy the magazine if you explained more about it."

All in all, Stripes had sold about 30 magazines.

"I might have been able to sell more if I'd been a bit more organised! It was hot, so we went home about an hour early. I was unsure how to approach people to start with, but once I started, it was pretty easy. I learnt a lot about marketing, how to advertise my product, and how to catch the attention of people."

"I will apply all of the stuff I've learnt from selling at the Matsuri to the next coming-up selling events and fairs - check out the Selling Dates if you haven't already!"

"Even though we didn't sell as much as I had hoped to, it was still a great experience and I learnt a lot! It was awesome to meet up with old friends (and teachers) and I loved seeing people walking around with their magazines!!!!!! That was definitely one of the best parts."

There are still 108 magazines left to sell, so hopefully the team will manage to sell them all by Christmas, which they have set as their deadline. If you would like to buy one, their next selling date (which you can check out here) is at the Khandallah Village Street Fair.

"We got our website on Google too!" says Stripes. "It's really exciting - you might have found our website by searching us up, but if you haven't, type in Spots Stripes Paws and we should come up!"

"Another exciting thing is that we are starting a new project!" Stripes concludes. "A few new friends and I are doing a Marine Plastic Problem project - more details coming soon!"

"I would like to thank my mum and sister for coming along and supporting me and helping me sell! Thank you to Crofton Downs for letting me sell the magazines at the Matsuri Gala."

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