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Magazine Selling Update: Khandallah Village Street Fair

This Sunday was the Khandallah Village Street Fair! Before I begin, I would like to thank a few people:

Thank you to everyone who bought a magazine! You were all super supportive and it was lovely to meet you. I hope you enjoy the magazine and your exclusive WWF & SSP freebies!

Thank you to the people at KVSF who let me have a free stall and helped us all have such a great time! Thank you to the man who shouted us out to the whole crowd and the lovely people who were all very nice about our magazine! Thank you to everyone from Rotary Kaukau!

aaand.....Thank you to my amazing family who were super supportive and stood with me for the whole time!!!!!

The Khandallah Fair was super awesome. There was so much to see and do, it was a pity I was busy selling magazines pretty much the whole time because otherwise I would have been quite content just looking at everything! The food stalls smelled sooooo good!

We were stationed in quite a windy spot, so our sign flapped around a lot - we decided to take it down and attached it to the table instead. However, a good thing about the place we were located was that we were right next to the speakers, which were playing upbeat music the whole time which really encouraged us and kept us going!

We arrived at the fair about 45 minutes early, which was a good idea as it gave us heaps of time to get ready, and 'fail fast' as my family put it. Before ten o'clock (when the fair started) we had already sold one to a very generous family!

Everyone who bought a magazine were super awesome and very generous. They were all very kind, and the people who said they would come back kept to their word which was awesome.

We left a bit early as it was getting very hot and everyone was very tired and we were running out of customers - they were getting few and far in between. Just as we were packing up, about to dump our stuff back in the car and drive home, a lovely lady came up to us and asked to buy one! We were in a bit of a flurry to get her some change but she was very nice about it and waited patiently for us to rummage around and find some change!

I think today was a super great experience for me and my family. I learnt some more about how to engage with customers, how to be a good salesperson (indeed, some lovely people even said I was one!) and how to be quick!

Thanks guys! We only have 27 left to sell - yayyyyy!!!!

Love Stripes

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