• Stripes



I am very excited to announce that we are finally (almost!) finished! The Spots, Stripes & Paws mag issue #1 process is pretty much complete!

We have been through so much these past eleven months, but I seriously think it was worth it! We have just eight magazines left, and will be handing over the funds to the World Wildlife Fund very soon!

Thanks again to everyone who has been super supportive and super awesome, no matter what it was. I am so glad that this will be finally finished - it feels so good to get it done!!

I hope everyone who bought or read the magazine enjoyed it! It means so much to us that you took the time to read it, especially since it took us so long to create!

I know I always seem to do this, but I'd just like to quickly take the time to say thank you to a few more people! Our awesome librarian friends at Wellington City Libraries have been great! Thanks so much to Stephen and Greg! And thank you to Wellington Girl's Library, and Ms Miles and Miss Paul, and thank you to Wadestown School Library and Mr Piper!

Lots of love,