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News Update!

News Update!

We haven't been doing much on the website lately - but this blog post will make up for that!

We were very excited to announce that Issue #2 is out and available to read 100% free online! A solo project, Issue #2 is full of all the things you loved from the first issue - beautiful photos, amazing facts and wonderful animals! Just as colourful as the last issue, and with the same design and writing style, this issue is packed - Animal Tongues, Ways to Save Water, Animal Posters, Animals that get a Bad Rap, Match the Paw Prints to the Animal...and more! You can read it all here!

And Issue #3 is already in planning as well!

We have 3,499 signatures on our petition (we're asking the government for better protection for our native species) and counting! If you haven't yet signed it, it would be awesome if you could - it only takes a few seconds! Sign it here.

Soon we will also publish the first issue online as well - so all the issues will be in the same place.

A new section in the magazine is Reader's Photos. If you have any photos of wildlife or the environment, be sure to send them to us - we'll publish them in the next issue! You can send them through by email at spotsstripespaws@gmail.com.

Lots of love,

Tiger Hotter (aka Stripes)

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