Yay!! You did it!! Go down for the actual tips and things you can do to make the world a better place!

We love the environment, and we hope you do too! Hover over the boxes of REALLY SAD facts to find out what you can do to help!!!

What we can do:

  • Use FSC Products

  • Don't waste toilet paper

  • Try this challenge: try to use only one roll of toilet paper in one week!

  • Make sure to use products that have the EnviroMark on them

27,000 trees are cut down around the world each day, just for toilet paper.

What we can do:

  • Say NO to paper cups (not literally, but don't use paper cups, basically)

  • Buy a reusable one

Half a million disposable coffee cups are thrown out EACH DAY

What we can do:

  • Use less plastic!

  • If you use plastic, put it IN THE BIN or RECYCLE IT!

  • Pick up any litter you see around the place - don't worry, you can wash your hands afterwards!

  • Don't buy bottled water!

Every hour, 6,803,885.55kg of rubbish is washed into the sea.

What we can do:

  • Do NOT buy bottled water

  • Bring a drink bottle with you wherever you go

Over a million plastic bottles are bought EVERY minute

What we can do:

  • Be careful with the amount of electronic products we buy

  • If your device to broken, instead of buying a new one bring it to a repairer

  • When your device is unusable, take it to an e-waste bin, rather than a rubbish bin

We generate 40 million tonnes of electric waste every year.

What we can do:

  • Use LESS plastic

  • Donate to some organisations: Sea Turtle Foundation

  • Tell more people this depressing fact so they can help too

100,000 turtles die a year because of the plastic in our oceans