How we got to where we are and why we did it!

Paint Splatter 3

Tiger (SS&P magazine's creator) had always loved animals and the environment. In the holidays, she sometimes made mini newspapers for her family! She bought the World of Animals magazine every month, and was inspired to make her very own. After trying a little project called The Sparkler magazine with some other friends, she and her friends decided to try a bigger project: the SS&P magazine. 

First ideas

Bright Idea Bulb

Planning it out

The three friends worked excitedly over the next few weeks, making a collaborative document to help them plan everything. It took a very long time to organise everything and decide what they wanted in it. They all had heaps and heaps of ideas, but they had to eliminate a few things! They knew that they wanted the magazine to be interesting, funny and cool, and they also knew that they wanted to call it Spots, Stripes & Paws. (See the Behind the Name! blog post for more). It would be mostly about animals and the environment - but it was a bit hard to stick with that! The SS&P magazine almost ended up with quotes about pizza, and "so true!" moments!

Laptop and Diary Topview
Watercolor Stain


The next part of the magazine was the writing. Tiger and her friends busily worked away writing articles and kept coming up with more ideas! 

Organized Desk


Tiger quickly started designing. As each article was finished, she would design it. Sometimes she finished early and worked on more articles, sometimes she and her friends finished writing so many articles that she had to work overtime to get them all designed!

Extra stuff


Tiger knew that they needed other stuff too - they would need other people's opinions and other people's stories. So she and her friends emailed people to find out their views and stories, to use in articles such as Why We Need Creepy Crawlies, and Amazing Animals (which was an article about amazing animals from animal rescue organisations).


Printing Ideas

The three friends knew that they wanted to print their magazine - it could reach more people, be easier to read, and be nicer to look at. They decided, after a lot of discussion, that they would change to an e-magazine after the printed issue. However, they had one problem: printing costs money. They contacted heaps and heaps of companies, asking for sponsorship or a bit of a helping hand with the money. Unfortunately, everyone said no. 



Tiger was talking to a lady from Spark, asking for sponsorship, when she said that they should turn to Givealittle instead. They had a quick look around and decided that Givealittle was just what they needed. They set up a page immediately. 


Raising money

They soon realised that it was a lot harder to raise money than it looks. They persuaded their family to donate a few dollars, and ended up with $100! It was a lot...but it wasn't enough. They had emailed some companies for a rough idea of how much it would cost, and it was a LOT more than $100. To print 200, they would have to raise at least $500!

Stacks of Coins
Wakefields logo.png

Wakefields Digital

We finally find a printer willing to print our magazines within our small budget, AND on sustainable paper too!



We email several different places to ask for permission to sell our magazines. We are generously given various places to sell - for free!

Chihuahua Shopping


We start to sell the magazine, to our friends, family and various places who kindly let us sell there for free, and finish with just 8 left unsold. At the start of 2019, we handed over the funds to the World Wildlife Fund - in total, we had raised $600!



At the end of April 2019, Issue #2 was published on an online magazine publishing website called Calameo. Issue #3 followed shortly after.

SSP issue 2-2.png